About Us



Nino OkuashviliSalute on the site of architecture studio “UNIVERSUM” which was made by an architect, Nino Okuashvili, in 2009.
We are making design and architecture, interior and decor, also reconstruction of buildings and landscape design; but projecting - it is the most difficult and polyhedral sphere of our business. Unlimited fantasy and reality of construction combine to each other. We project small houses and big cottages in countryside, apartments and offices, parking, trade and business centers, clubs, cafes, bar-rooms, restaurant and hotels of any class with the same success. We consider that advantages of projects are to include costumer as “partner” in every stage of construction and project. The costumers, as active participants of our creative process, comprehend the methodology of our work before that our project becomes real. The main task of our office is to realize demands and wishes of our costumers effective and maximally in short terms with individual stile and unique expression.

From intention to realization!